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Maze Alternatives in 2023 : Top 10

Maze Alternatives, discover the top 10 for seamless Product Discovery. In-depth analysis on features, pros, and cons, including Screeb, a standout in the market.

Simon Robic
Maze Alternative - Article

If you're on the hunt for the best Maze Alternatives, you're in the right place. As the demand for efficient product discovery tools grows, a multitude of viable options emerge. We've got you covered with an in-depth look at 10 of the best alternatives to Maze, including our standout choice, Screeb.

Maze alternatives

1. UserTesting

UserTesting stands tall as a fantastic Maze Alternative. Renowned for its user experience research platform, it gives product managers invaluable qualitative insights from real users in real-time.

The live video sessions can provide highly detailed feedback, making it an excellent tool for businesses focused on UX improvement.

However, the heavy reliance on live feedback means it may not be suitable for those who prefer quantitative or anonymous testing methods.

2. Hotjar

Maze Alternative - Hotjar

Hotjar takes a slightly different approach. It offers heatmaps and behavior tracking, enabling product managers to visualize user interactions with your product. This focus on visual data can be fantastic for spotting trends and identifying areas for improvement.

Hotjar's robust set of tools, including conversion funnels and form analysis, are impressive.

Yet, it falls short when it comes to user interface tests and task analysis which can limit its comprehensive usability testing capabilities.

3. Screeb

Maze Alternative - Screeb

When it comes to the best Maze Alternatives, Screeb steals the spotlight. Screeb offers a holistic approach to product discovery, combining qualitative and quantitative methods.

It stands out for its user-friendly interface, intuitive survey creation, and comprehensive analytics.

It's not just about getting feedback; Screeb also offers actionable insights to turn data into powerful product improvements.

4. Lookback

Maze Alternative - LookBack

Lookback provides a human-centric product discovery platform, with a focus on user experience research. It's renowned for its remote user testing capabilities, allowing product managers to gain insights from anywhere in the world.

The real-time interview feature is a plus, fostering more personal interaction.

However, Lookback lacks the broad range of testing methods available in some other Maze Alternatives, limiting its versatility.

5. UserZoom

Maze Alternative - UserZoom

UserZoom offers a suite of UX research tools, including usability testing, surveys, and card sorting. It's an excellent Maze Alternative for businesses requiring a variety of research methods. One of UserZoom's standout features is its large panel of user testers.

However, it may be somewhat complex for novices in UX research, requiring a steep learning curve.

6.Userzoom alternative

Optimal Workshop

Optimal Workshop offers a suite of tools designed to improve information architecture. It stands out among Maze Alternatives for its focus on card sorting, tree testing, and first-click testing.

However, it may not be the best choice for those needing extensive user interface or experience testing.

Maze Alternative - Optimal Workshop

7. Lyssna

Lyssna is another Maze Alternative offering quick, simple user tests. It's a great choice for those needing fast feedback. With a clean interface and straightforward testing methods, it’s user-friendly.

Yet, it may not offer the depth of analysis or customization that other tools provide.

Maze Alternative - Lyssna

8. Qualaroo

Qualaroo shines with its targeted survey capabilities. It offers unique features like sentiment analysis and advanced branching, making it an interesting Maze Alternative.

However, it's primarily a survey tool and may not cater to those who want more comprehensive testing and feedback options.

Maze Alternative - Qualaroo

9. Userlytics

Userlytics focuses on providing user testing platforms for prototypes, apps, and digital assets. It’s a strong Maze Alternative for businesses looking to improve digital user experience. Its comprehensive testing capabilities and flexibility are impressive.

However, it may not be as easy to use for beginners as some other options.

Maze Alternative - Userlytics

10. Validately

Finally, Validately offers user research platforms focusing on usability testing. It's one of the Maze Alternatives well-suited for large scale usability studies and provides a good mix of automated and manual testing options.

However, the complexity of its interface may make it less appealing to less tech-savvy users.


In the dynamic world of product discovery, finding the right tool to replace Maze can be a daunting task. Our list of Maze Alternatives, led by Screeb, is curated to ease your journey towards efficient product discovery. Remember, the best tool is the one that fits your specific needs and goals. Happy discovering!

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