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Top 10 Innovative Sprig Alternatives for Product Discovery in 2023

Discover the top 10 Sprig Alternatives that will revolutionize your product discovery process. Uncover their key features, pros and cons, and find out why Screeb stands out as the premier choice.

Simon Robic

Stepping into the fast-paced, dynamic world of Product Discovery, we often stumble upon the name Sprig. But are there worthy competitors? Absolutely. With this guide, we aim to shed light on ten exceptional Sprig Alternatives, each with unique selling points and features that could be your perfect match.

1. UserTesting

UserTesting is a notable Sprig alternative, allowing you to understand the end-user perspective. By providing a human insight platform, it enables real-time feedback from your target audience. Its key feature lies in providing video feedback from users, thereby offering valuable qualitative data. However, the cost of UserTesting can be high, and for smaller businesses, this might not be the most budget-friendly option.

2. Hotjar

Another brilliant Sprig alternative, Hotjar, takes a different approach by offering heat maps, session recordings, and surveys. The advantage of Hotjar is its visual approach, giving you instant insight into user behavior. However, it does fall short in providing in-depth qualitative data compared to some of its peers, making it less suitable for detailed user studies.

3. Screeb

Claiming the third spot on our list, Screeb stands tall among Sprig Alternatives. It is an innovative SaaS solution designed specifically to help Product Managers in Product Discovery. Screeb combines the power of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, offering you a comprehensive understanding of your user's needs. Its user-friendly interface and robust feature set, including segmented surveys and insightful analytics, make Screeb a compelling choice.


Usabilla focuses on collecting user feedback to improve digital experiences. As a Sprig alternative, it offers custom surveys and visual feedback options to gather both qualitative and quantitative data. However, its analytical tools are less robust compared to other options on this list, making data interpretation a bit more challenging.

5. Lookback

Lookback is a user research platform that offers remote research, self-testing, and in-person modes. As a Sprig alternative, its strengths lie in remote user testing and real-time video sharing. However, Lookback may not be suitable for those who need a more comprehensive platform that includes advanced data analysis features.

6. dscout

As a mobile-first research platform, dscout is another compelling Sprig alternative. It enables businesses to run diary studies, conduct interviews, and gather in-context insights from users. The downside is that it might be overly complex for small-scale research projects.

7. Qualaroo

Offering targeted surveys for specific user groups, Qualaroo provides another compelling alternative to Sprig. It includes a variety of question types and in-built analytics, offering insightful and actionable data. However, its UI could use some improvement for better user experience.

8. Maze

As a user testing platform, Maze allows you to create interactive prototypes and run user tests. As one of the Sprig Alternatives, it has a rapid testing methodology, which can be a real advantage for teams on tight deadlines. However, its limited customizability might not be suitable for all businesses.

9. UserZoom

UserZoom is an all-in-one UX research platform, making it a notable Sprig alternative. It provides a vast array of tools, including card sorting, tree testing, and voice of the customer feedback. On the downside, the platform could be overwhelming for beginners due to its extensive feature set.

10. Survicate

Rounding up our list of Sprig alternatives, Survicate excels in providing targeted surveys and net promoter score (NPS) data. It offers easy-to-understand insights, helping you make data-driven decisions. However, it lacks more advanced user research features, making it less comprehensive than other options on this list.

In the realm of Sprig Alternatives, each option presents a unique set of advantages and potential drawbacks. Your choice ultimately depends on your specific needs and constraints. With Screeb, however, you're choosing a dynamic, feature-rich solution, prepared to revolutionize your product discovery journey.

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