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Unleash the Power of Continuous Product Discovery with Screeb's Exciting New Features

Screeb introduces four exciting new features to enhance your product discovery process. Explore Funnel Reports for in-depth user behavior analysis and in-app survey insights. Measure the impact of product updates with Releases and gain valuable insights. Use New Triggers for precise in-app survey targeting based on user events. Customize surveys with Enhanced Customization to align with your brand identity. Supercharge your product discovery and make data-driven decisions with Screeb's latest features. Sign up now for a seamless user experience.

Product Discovery
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Clément Gauthier
Unleash the Power of Continuous Product Discovery with Screeb's Exciting New Features

Get ready to revolutionize your product discovery process with Screeb's latest and greatest features! We're super excited to introduce you to four fantastic additions to our product discovery platform that will help you optimize user experience, analyze data like a pro, and make your product shine.

Say hello to Funnel Reports, Releases, New Triggers, and Enhanced Customization. Let's dive in and explore how these new features can elevate your product discovery game!

Funnel Reports: Uncover Insights in the Blink of an Eye

The first gem in our treasure chest of new features is the Funnel Report. Now, you can effortlessly analyze your users' behavior in funnels like signup, onboarding, and conversion. But wait, there's more! With Funnel Reports, you can ask in-app survey questions based on user behavior, giving you valuable insights straight from the source.

Want to know why people dropped off at a specific step of the funnel? Just ask them! No more guesswork in your product discovery process; it's time for data-driven decisions.

Releases: Finally Measure the Impact of Your Actions

Introducing Releases, the superhero in your discovery product management toolkit.

Releases let you log every update you make to your product and analyze their impact on key metrics like NPS, user satisfaction, or CES. Now you can finally measure the effectiveness of your product team's actions and gain valuable insights to refine your product discovery process. It's time to celebrate your wins and learn from your challenges with the power of Releases.

New Triggers: Advanced Event Selection for Precise In-App Survey Targeting

We've leveled up our in-app survey triggers to give you more flexibility and control. Our new triggers allow you to select multiple user events in a single rule and check if any of those events have been triggered.

Unlike in the past, where all events had to be triggered, this update lets you collect feedback from users who meet any of your selected criteria. So get ready to sharpen your product discovery with smarter, more targeted surveys.

Enhanced Customization: Make Your Surveys Shine

If you chose a Custom plan, rejoice! You now have access to even greater graphical customization for your surveys. Change every element of your surveys to perfectly align with your brand identity and product experience.

This enhanced customization ensures your surveys look and feel like an integral part of your product discovery platform, creating a seamless user experience.

Ready to supercharge your product discovery process? Don't wait any longer to explore and enjoy these fantastic new features.

With Funnel Reports, Releases, New Triggers, and Enhanced Customization, Screeb is here to help you make data-driven decisions, measure the impact of your product updates, and provide a seamless experience for your users. Sign up now and embark on your journey of continuous product discovery with Screeb!

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