User Centric Product Analytics

Screeb is the only Product Analytics solution focusing on people, not on features.

See who's using your product

Segment your users with behavioural & business data. Understand who are your power users or who is slipping away based on how they really use your product.

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Building a strong understanding about our users was one of our main goals.

We have several types of users and they want different things from us. Screeb helps us to valide our hypotheses by mixing quantitative and qualitative data. We use it on every projects to dig into problems and open new solution horizons.

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A complete profile for every user

For each of your users, get a complete profile of their activity in your app. Every event they trigger, every attribute you have about them is stored so you can have a perfect understanding of who’s using your product.

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Product Usage + Business Data

With Screeb, you can analyze your users with data coming directly from your product AND with every business data you have about them. Use our Web or Mobile SDKs to share every information with our platform and get the best level of user segmentation.

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Don't settle for macro trends and feature-centric analytics

All the other analytics platform focus on features and macro trends. With Screeb, start focusing on your users to understand who they are and what they want to see next in your product.

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A complete historic of all their responses

See how people's perception about your product is evolving and how your actions impact their responses.


Usage + Business Data

Share both usage AND business data to Screeb and have the best understanding of who's using product


Be proactive

Be alerted when something is going wrong to act sooner on users slipping away or when their satisfaction is dropping.

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