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NPS: Why You Should Measure It Every Quarter (And How To Do It With Screeb)

It’s one of the most vibrant debate in the customer experience community: is the Net Promoter Score (NPS) still relevant? Should we continue to measure it or would it be better to focus on another metric to understand the level of satisfaction and loyalty of our customer? This is not something that we will set […]


How To Get A Great Response Rate For Your In-App Surveys – The Complete Guide

In-app surveys are a powerful tool to reduce the drop-off rate of your funnels, identify who your true competitors are, or even to build your roadmap. But all of that work only if your users agree to respond to your questions. That may seem obvious but it has a huge impact on the quality of […]


How In-App Surveys Can Help You Reduce Funnel Drop-Off Rate

Funnels are part of every digital products out there: sign up, onboarding, key tasks, and even subscription cancellation are most of the time funnels. So, increasing conversion rate between each funnel step is a typical mission for product teams. Reducing drop-off rate means that your users reach their goals and they are one step closer […]


Share In-App Surveys Responses to Productboard with Screeb

Collecting qualitative feedback from your users is key. And Screeb helps you to collect more feedback and to increase their quality with our innovative in-app surveys. But if those feedback stay in your reports and are hard to share, they’re quite useless. You don’t care about surveys or feedback. You care about how you can […]


How to launch your first in-app survey and start collecting feedback from your users: the complete checklist

You’re ready to launch your first in-app survey (with an amazing solution like Screeb)? Great! But before learning so much from your users feedback, we wanted to share a complete checklist to help you build the perfect survey.Because if asking questions is something we do everyday with our friends, family or colleagues, asking the right […]


Wondering who are your real competitors? Ask your users. (Here’s how to do it)

Most of the time, talking about your competitors with our users is something we try to avoid. If they don’t know some of these companies, we’d prefer it remains like this. Or if they think their product is better than ours, we don’t want to create the opportunity for them to tell us. But, we […]


5 ways surveys can help startups acquiring more customers

For startups, besides building a great product, one of the main challenge is to acquire its first customers. To find people or companies facing the problem you want to solve, and convincing them to try – and then to buy – your product. At Screeb, we identified 5 survey templates that can help you better […]


How to create an Event Tracking Plan for your SaaS

When you want to analyze the behaviour of your users and use these information in your analytics solution, or in Screeb to display your surveys at the right moment, tracking Events is key. The most successful teams plan their tracking by creating a tracking and implementation plan. In this article, we’ll share a really simple […]


3 easy ways to increase your survey response rate with personalization

In the digital industry, it’s a well known fact that personalization is one of the best way to improve our performances. Digital media display content that you may like before others, ecommerce websites present product you certainly want to to buy on their front page and software adapt their data visualization to your needs. We […]

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