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Screeb's October Update: Audio & Video Surveys, Translations, Tagging

Explore Screeb's October updates in our latest blog post, featuring exciting new features like Audio & Video Surveys for more dynamic feedback, Automatic Translation for global reach, innovative Tagging options for efficient feedback organization, and the ability to filter feedback by emotions.

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Simon Robic

Autumn is in full swing, and just like the ever-changing colors of the leaves, we at Screeb are excited to announce a transformation of our own. Our October update is here, sprinkling a little bit of innovation and a lot of excitement into your customer feedback experience. Let's unwrap these new features together!

📽️ Audio & Video Surveys: A New Dimension of Feedback

Video feedback app

The world of feedback just got a lot more dynamic with our brand-new Audio & Video Surveys! Imagine this: instead of traditional text-based questions and answers, you can now ask your questions through videos and receive responses in video or voice notes. This isn't just about embracing the digital age; it's about adding a more human touch to feedback collection.

Why It's Awesome:

  • Increased Engagement: We're seeing a tremendous 35% increase in response rates with these interactive surveys.
  • Richer Feedback: Responses tend to be longer, more detailed, and genuinely spontaneous, providing you with deeper insights.
October Update - 1

🈂️ Automatic Translation: Speak Everyone's Language

We live in a beautifully diverse world, and understanding each other is key to building strong connections. That's why our Automatic Translation feature is a game-changer, especially for global companies. Now, the feedback you collect can be translated into 18 different languages, erasing language barriers and bringing you closer to your customers worldwide.

🏷️ Feedback tagging: Manual, Automatic, and Smart

Organizing feedback can sometimes feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Not anymore! Our enhanced tagging system now comes in three flavors: manual, automatic, and smart. Whether you prefer to tag feedback yourself, set up a keyword-based automatic system, or let our AI work its magic with smart tagging, there's an option to suit your style. Get ready for a more streamlined, efficient way to sort through and analyze feedback.

😃 Emotion-Based Feedback Filtering

Following our emotion analysis feature introduced in September, we've added another layer — the ability to filter feedback based on detected emotions. This tool lets you truly understand how your customers feel, turning raw data into actionable insights that resonate on a deeper level.

We're not just updating features; we're reinventing how you connect with, understand, and react to your customers' feedback. At Screeb, we believe that every piece of feedback is an opportunity to grow and improve, and these new features are designed to help you do just that.

As always, we are committed to evolving and adapting to your needs, making sure that Screeb remains the go-to solution for customer feedback that's both insightful and impactful. So, embrace these new features, delve into deeper insights, and make this autumn the season for growth and connection!

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