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In-App Surveys for SaaS Compatible with Harvestr

Harvestr is the heart of your product strategy crafting. Share your user feedback collected with Screeb to your Harvestr inbox and link them to Discoveries in a click. Feedback should not be locked in a tool. Use them where you need them, where you need them!

alapini raphael
Raphael Alapini

Screeb + Harvestr = 🫶

Screeb and Harvestr are built for Product Teams. And we are Product Teams ourselves! So we really want to build the best tools and integration for you to collect feedback and act on them as soon as possible.

Take some time to discover our study about the state of Product Discovery in your ecosystem.

Screeb et Harvestr

Collect feedback with Screeb and manage them with Harvestr

With strong analytics and user segmentation, Screeb give you relevant insights about your users need. By combining them with Harvestr you will be able to create relevant roadmap and please your customers.

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