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NPS: Why You Should Measure It Every Quarter (And How To Do It With Screeb)

Measuring your NPS is very important but when to do it and How ? We explain you everything !

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NPS: Why You Should Measure It Every Quarter (And How To Do It With Screeb)

It's one of the most vibrant debate in the customer experience community: is the Net Promoter Score (NPS) still relevant? Should we continue to measure it or would it be better to focus on another metric to understand the level of satisfaction and loyalty of our customer?

This is not something that we will set in this article, but at Screeb we think that the NPS has at least one major advantage, that makes it a metric to continue to measure regularly: it became a standard, a commodity. It means that it's easy to understand among your teams and that you can compare your score to other companies in your industry, even if the value of NPS is debatable.

Measuring your NPS won't give your all the answers to your questions, and won't forbid you to display other surveys to your users. So, to be sure that NPS remains useful to you, you have to answer to some key questions:

What Is The Net Promoter Score?

The NPS is often seen as the metric to measure the level of satisfaction and loyalty of your customer. It's been developed in 2003 by Bain and Company and it quickly became a standard in an industry always looking for new, precise and relevant ways of evaluating their customer experience.

The NPS is a score going from -100 to +100. The bigger being the better.

How To Measure Your NPS?

One of the main advantage of the NPS is that it's pretty easy to measure. It's made of a single question asking

O meaning not at all likely, 10 meaning extremely likely.

Every person responding with a score between 0 and 6 will be considered as a Detractor. Every person responding with a score between 7 and 8 will be considered as Passive. And every 9 and 10 will be Promoters.

To know your NPS, you subtract the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters.

In Screeb, you use our NPS template to ask the question to your users. In this template, we even added additional questions to understand why people gave you a score or another.

Is It A One-Shot Metric Or Should I Measure It Regularly?

A NPS is a snapshot. It's a picture of how your users feel right now. So you must measure your NPS regularly, multiple times a year, to understand how this feeling evolves.

It's also a way to measure if the actions you take are efficient and if people are aligned with your roadmap, the evolution of your product, with the level of service you provide, etc.

So don't settle for a once-a-year NPS that won't help you monitoring the quality of your customer experience and start collecting it as often as possible.

How Often Should I Measure It?

You have to find the right balance between measuring your NPS often and being sure that you don't spam your users with too many redundant questions. So we recommend displaying a NPS survey every 90 days, every quarter. That should be enough to track the evolution of your score while keeping room for other surveys to be displayed without harassing your users.

You can also have a user segmentation strategy to ask the question more often to some of them. In that case, we recommend to respect a 30 days period between two surveys. More often would be too much.

Consider a 90 days period as your default setting, and use a 30 days one for specific cohorts of users that you want to track closer.

How Do I Set Up Screeb To Measure My NPS Regularly?

Since we know that measure your NPS regularly is key, we made it as easy as possible to do it. In Screeb, when you set your User Segmentation rules, you have an option to make your survey recurring.

Once this option is activated, your survey will be automatically displayed to your users every x days!

By The Way: NPS Is Free With Screeb!

As we said at the beginning of this article: the relevancy is NPS is debatable. If it has the great advantage of being a standard, it's also a commodity and has low value alone.

That's why we want to help everyone to measure it in the best conditions, without having to spend money to collect something that is such a commodity.

So at Screeb, the NPS is free, and you can start measuring it today with our in-app survey solution!

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