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How Rabbit uses Screeb to increase NPS to an outstanding 31 score?

Discover how Screeb helps Rabbit to improve NPS and collect more responses to their survey in record time.

Screeb is helping companies worldwide to know more about their customers by using segmentation, usage analytics, in-app surveys, and contextual messages. Screeb helps mobile app companies to understand their customers better.

If you are part of the product team of mobile app, Screen can help you in numerous ways: 

  • Increase users knowledge
  • Increase adoption and CSAT
  • Gain time in your decisions making 
  • Please your customers and increase purchases.

We take you in a deep dive into Rabbit challenges and how they overcome them using Screeb. You will find examples, data, and tips about the benefits of including your customers in your decision if you want a top e-commerce platform.

Our industry is highly competitive so we need to craft the best app on the market. Screeb helps us to that at every stage of our projects.
Louay Alo

Louay Ali

Lead Product Manager

The Rabbit product organization

As the Lead Product Owner at Rabbit, Louay and his team are responsible for the daily improvements of the experience in the Rabbit App. During last years, Rabbit product team led a lot of projects with great results:

  • Over 60 releases in the past year (more than 1 per week!). Tech is our biggest differentiator.
  • 500K users downloads
  • Expanding the product options: launching 60-minute and Gomla bulk buying
  • Continue to grow at sustainable unit economics
  • Rabbit is a gross-profit-positive, just-in-time e-commerce company
  • Rabbit team build the best-in-class proprietary tech, such as our real time stock inventory mechanis.

For the very dedicated Rabbit Product team, one of the main goals is to improve Customer Satisfaction.One way of doing it is to measure NPS regularly and adjust the tool regarding it.All the members of the Product team are Cairenes and know the struggle of grocery delivery in the Egyptian capital. They are really focusing on improving the experience of their customers and making them love Rabbit.

Screeb helps Rabbit to improve and monitor user feedback

Deep dive into the achievements Rabbit team manage to have using Screeb to collect feedback :

  • More than 20K responses on the NPS Survey
  • 10 key improvements added to the roadmap
  • An outstanding 31 NPS Score!

After collecting feedback, here the key steps Screeb follows to improve the app continuously.

They begin by identifying key themes by reviewing the NPS feedback they receive and identifying common themes or issues that customers have highlighted. This could include problems with functionality, user experience, or customer support.

Once all the themes are identified, they prioritize them based on the severity of the issue and the impact on customer satisfaction. A focus was accorded to the issues that have the biggest impact on the NPS score and the highest potential for improvement.

The 3rd step is to address the prioritized issues. This could involve changes to your product's design, functionality, or customer support processes. They involve relevant stakeholders in the planning process, such as the product team, customer support team, and engineering team.

Then the Rabbit team implements the changes, taking care to test any changes thoroughly to ensure they do not introduce new problems or issues. With great care of their customers, they always take the time to communicate about the improvements.

Louay and his team monitor the impact of the changes they make on the NPS score and customer satisfaction levels. This help determines whether the changes have had the desired effect, or whether further adjustments are required.

Last but not least, as NPS feedback is an ongoing process, the Rabbits continue to gather feedback from their customers and use it to inform further improvements to the product.

The key is to continuously review the NPS score and adjust the approach as needed to maintain or improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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