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Customer Feedback Tools Comparison - Maze VS Hotjar

Maze VS Hotjar

What is the best tool for your business? Looking to compare Maze with Hotjar? Enjoy a detailed comparison of Maze VS Hotjar.

Maze, a user testing platform, and Hotjar, a user behavior analytics tool, are both prominent in the customer feedback space. Maze is known for its interactive prototyping tests, while Hotjar is recognized for its heatmaps and session recordings. Pricing starts at $75/month for Maze and $48/month for Hotjar.

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Discover how Maze compare with Hotjar

What is



Maze is a robust user testing platform that aims to revolutionize the way businesses gather and leverage user insights. Known for its user-friendly interface and dynamic testing methods, Maze equips product teams with the necessary tools to analyze user behavior and make data-driven decisions.

A key component of Maze's offering is its interactive prototyping tests. These allow businesses to validate ideas and designs by testing prototypes of their product on actual users. Users can interact with the prototype as they would with the finished product, providing product teams with accurate, real-world feedback.

Beyond interactive testing, Maze also shines in its ability to analyze user paths. This feature helps businesses understand how users navigate through their product, highlighting potential areas of friction or confusion. By identifying these issues early in the development process, businesses can make necessary changes before launching their product, saving time and resources.

What is



Hotjar is a powerful user behavior analytics and feedback service that enables businesses to visualize how users interact with their websites or applications. By offering an array of tools including heatmaps, session recordings, and user feedback surveys, Hotjar helps businesses gain a deep understanding of their users' needs, frustrations, and motivations.

A standout feature of Hotjar is its heatmaps, which visually represent user clicks, taps, and scrolling behavior on your website. These heatmaps offer a bird's-eye view of how users interact with your site, highlighting areas of interest, potential usability issues, and parts of your site that may be overlooked.

Hotjar also offers session recordings, providing an unfiltered look at user behavior. By recording real visitor sessions, Hotjar allows businesses to see exactly how users navigate their site, uncovering usability issues that may not be evident from traditional analytics.


online reviews

Maze, a user testing platform, is recognized for its effortless integration with Figma, enabling rapid prototyping and user testing. Its user-friendly interface for constructing tests is another attribute that users find particularly advantageous.

However, Maze is not without its hurdles. Some users have experienced slower load times when working with intricate tests, which could potentially impact the user testing experience. This issue is underscored in a review where a user shares their difficulty with Maze when handling large, detailed prototypes.

Additionally, Maze's approach to upselling features, such as the customization of the welcome screen, has been met with some resistance. While the platform's reporting capabilities have seen considerable improvements, there are users who find themselves having to compile their own reports for stakeholder presentations. This suggests that there may be room for Maze to enhance the presentation of its reporting data, as noted in this review.

In conclusion, while Maze offers robust features and seamless integration with design tools, there are areas, such as load times and reporting presentation, where improvements could be made. These insights should be taken into account when considering Maze for user testing and prototyping needs.


online reviews

Hotjar, a distinguished name in user behavior analytics, is praised for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features like heatmaps, session recordings, and conversion funnels (source). However, it's not without its shortcomings. Users have noted the absence of advanced filters in session recordings, making it difficult to isolate specific user actions (review). Also, the one-year data retention policy has been identified as a limitation for long-term trend studies (review). These points of feedback offer Hotjar the opportunity to refine its product and meet its users' changing demands.

Comparison Table

Enjoy a comprehensive comparison table between those two tools



From $75/month
From $48/month (only for surveys)
In-App Surveys
User Targeting
Pre-Built Feedback Report
Feedback Analysis with AI
Mobile SDK
Unmoderated User Tests
Product Analytics
Session Recording
GDPR Compliant

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