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Customer Feedback Tools Comparison - Sprig VS Intercom Surveys

Sprig VS Intercom Surveys

What is the best tool for your business? Looking to compare Sprig with Intercom Surveys? Enjoy a detailed comparison of Sprig VS Intercom Surveys.

Sprig, formerly UserLeap, is a real-time customer insights platform, while Intercom Surveys is part of a broader customer messaging platform. Sprig offers micro-surveys for actionable insights on user experience, while Intercom Surveys provides customizable templates across various touchpoints. Pricing starts at $175/month for Sprig and $49/month for Intercom Surveys.

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Discover how Sprig compare with Intercom Surveys

What is



Sprig, formerly known as UserLeap, is a real-time customer insights platform designed to help product teams collect, analyze, and act on user feedback. Launched with the core aim of enhancing product decisions, Sprig empowers businesses to solicit micro-surveys from their users at key moments in their product journey, enabling them to gather actionable insights on user experience and behaviour.

Sprig's intuitive platform takes a fresh approach to traditional user research by integrating with your product and surfacing surveys directly to your users within your application or website. This seamless approach ensures an organic and unobtrusive experience for the user while allowing product teams to gather real-time feedback about new features, user experience, or even potential stumbling blocks.

Sprig provides a comprehensive analytics dashboard, where the feedback collected is analyzed and presented in an easily digestible manner, offering valuable insights that can drive product improvements and optimizations. With a dedication to swift, actionable feedback, Sprig is a powerful tool for product managers who aim to maintain a user-centric focus while continuously improving their product.

What is

Intercom Surveys


Intercom is a well-known customer messaging platform that aims to foster better relationships between businesses and their customers. While Intercom provides a wide range of features including live chat, customer support, and customer engagement, their user survey capabilities are a key component that assists businesses in understanding and improving their customer experiences.

Intercom's survey feature is designed to gather crucial insights directly from users. These surveys can be sent out in different forms such as in-app messages, emails, or chatbot conversations, ensuring that you can collect feedback across different touchpoints in your customer's journey.

The platform offers highly customizable survey templates, allowing businesses to design surveys that match their brand and address specific topics or issues. This flexibility ensures that your surveys are as relevant and engaging as possible, encouraging higher response rates and more valuable feedback.


online reviews

Sprig, known for its prompt user insights and thorough customer journey tracking, does have areas that could be improved. One user on TrustRadius pointed out that Sprig's benefits seem to be more substantial for websites with high traffic. This suggestion implies that businesses with less web traffic might not be able to fully utilize the potential of Sprig's capabilities. This could be a significant limitation for businesses that do not have a high volume of web traffic. Furthermore, the reviews did not emphasize any significant advantages in terms of advanced analytics or integration with other platforms. This could hint at a potential gap in these essential areas, which are often critical for businesses seeking comprehensive insights and seamless workflow integration. This observation suggests that Sprig may fall short for businesses seeking advanced analytics and integration features.

Intercom Surveys

online reviews

Intercom's survey capabilities, while generally appreciated for their functionality, have been met with some criticism from users who feel they could be more customizable and user-friendly. A user on G2 expressed that they found it challenging to tailor the surveys to their specific needs. They felt that the user interface was not as intuitive as it could be, which made the process of creating and distributing surveys more difficult than they anticipated.

Another user on TrustRadius shared similar sentiments. They appreciated the overall functionality of the Intercom platform but felt that the survey feature was lacking. They found it to be less flexible than they would have liked, and it didn't provide the level of detailed feedback they were hoping for. The user suggested that the survey feature could benefit from more advanced customization options and a more user-friendly interface.

These reviews indicate that while Intercom's survey capabilities are generally well-regarded, there is room for improvement. Users are looking for more flexibility, customization options, and a more intuitive interface to help them better utilize the survey feature. By addressing these issues, Intercom could potentially enhance user satisfaction and broaden the appeal of their survey capabilities.

Comparison Table

Enjoy a comprehensive comparison table between those two tools


Intercom Surveys

From $175/month
From $49/month (only for surveys, you must pay for the rest of the platform)
In-App Surveys
User Targeting
Pre-Built Feedback Report
Feedback Analysis with AI
Mobile SDK
Unmoderated User Tests
Product Analytics
Session Recording
GDPR Compliant

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