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The Best Product Management Software:
Figma Widgets

Figma Widgets

You're looking for a new Product Management tool for your team? Here's a brief presentation of:

Figma Widgets

Interactive objects on the canvas that you and your teammates can use together
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Discover More Product Management Software:


A privacy-friendly, open source alternative to Google Analytics. Works without cookie or consent banner.


Loops is the email platform built for SaaS. They provide the best product management software, offering modern companies a better way to send marketing and transactional emails. With drag and drop editing, skip the code and personalize emails in a click, send at just the right time, and have access to integrations and APIs. Loops is also backed by Y Combinator and offers templates, campaigns, and audience features. Start for free and create the entire user journey for your business.

Overflow Stories

Create interactive, self-guided tours of your designs

Now Meet Screeb:

The All-In-One Solution to Accelerate
your Product Discovery

Analytics for product managers

With Screeb you can learn more about your users. Who are they? What are they doing in your product? Who you should focus on?
Observe their behaviour and get a clear overview of what's happening in your product.

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Recruit for user research in a blink

Identify users and segments of users to recruit. Engage them right in your product and see your calendar being magically filled with relevant interviews.
Connect Screeb to Calendly or other calendar solutions and profit.

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Create User Surveys and Finally Get Responses

Ask questions along your user journey and get responses thanks to our highly engaging formats.
In average, our surveys have a 60% response rate!

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Integrations with your Favourite Product Software

We integrate with key solutions in your stack. Plug Screeb to Segment, Product, Notion and much more to put Product Discovery at the heart of your workflows.

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