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July 2023 - Product Updates

Discover Screeb's latest features designed to give you deeper insights and enhance user experiences. Explore our increased response analysis capacity, multiple responses for multiple-choice questions, skippable surveys, advanced targeting, multilingual support, and JavaScript callbacks in our SDK. Dive into a new era of customer feedback today!

Screeb story
Simon Robic

We at Screeb have always taken pride in building tools that enable you to deeply understand your users and make product decisions with confidence. This month, we're thrilled to announce a series of innovative new features designed to give you more flexibility, deeper insights, and enhance user experiences. Let's dive right in!

1. Expand Your Feedback Analysis Horizons

Old Limitations, Begone! Our AI-based content analysis report now allows you to analyse up to 600 responses per question and per analysis, a whopping increase from the previous limit of 100. This six-fold surge in data volume means more comprehensive feedback, leading to more accurate insights and more informed decisions. So go ahead, dive deeper into your users' thoughts and unlock a treasure trove of insights!

2. Multiple Responses for 'Multiple Choice' Questions

Your Surveys Just Got More Inclusive! We understand that sometimes, one choice is just not enough. That's why we've enhanced our 'Multiple Choice' question type to accept multiple responses. This new feature empowers your users to express their full range of opinions, offering you a richer understanding of your user's perspectives. So, why limit your users to one choice when they can select many?

3. Introducing Skippable Questions: Empower Your Users with Choice

Customization at Its Best! To respect your users' time and provide them with a smoother survey experience, we've introduced 'Skippable Questions'. You now have the power to mark certain questions as optional, allowing users to skip questions and proceed to the next part of the survey if they choose. It's all about enhancing user comfort and collecting more meaningful responses!

4. Hyper-Targeted Surveys with New 'User Responded to a Survey' Condition

Contextual Engagement is Now a Reality! With our new targeting condition 'User Responded to a Survey', you can now check if a user has already responded to a specific survey in the past before displaying a new one. This allows for more contextual and relevant engagements with your users, preventing survey fatigue and ensuring more accurate responses.

5. Multilingual Support: Speak Your Users' Language

Hola! Bonjour! Hallo! Ciao! Olá! Screeb is now more inclusive than ever. We've added multilingual support for survey interfaces, supporting English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Brazilian Portuguese. This means your surveys can now speak the language your users are comfortable with, ensuring a more inclusive and user-friendly experience!

6. Javascript Callbacks in Our SDK: Let Your Code Do the Talking!

Take Complete Control with Real-Time Actions! Our latest feature - Javascript Callbacks in our SDK - allows you to perform actions in your code based on the status of a survey (displayed, responded, etc). This means you now have more control and flexibility, tailoring your user's experiences as per your needs!

We're constantly striving to provide you with the tools you need to learn more about your users and build better products. We're confident these new features will take your customer feedback analysis to new heights. So, why wait? Try Screeb for free today and experience the new wave of customer feedback analysis!

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