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June 2023 - Product Updates

Discover how Screeb's latest features revolutionize the product discovery process. Learnings, engaging surveys, flexible roles, simplified onboarding, and clear billing make Screeb your ultimate product discovery solution.

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Simon Robic

Hello dear readers,

We at Screeb are driven by our mission to provide you with the most effective tools for product discovery. With each update, we strive to make Screeb better, smarter, and more attuned to your needs. We’re excited to share with you our latest features that promise to bring a new level of efficiency, control, and engagement to your product discovery process. Let's dive in!

The Power of Learnings with AI

Product discovery is often marked by eureka moments - those flashes of insight that change the course of your strategy. But what if you could have a tool that continuously aids these insights?

Meet "Learnings", a feature designed to act as your knowledge repository. You can take notes in Screeb about user behavior, ask questions about these notes, and let our AI dig in to provide you with data-driven answers. What makes it even more potent is our browser extension that lets you create Learnings while using other tools.

The benefit is manifold. It enables you to compile and leverage collective knowledge efficiently, no matter where it originated. The AI-powered insights help accelerate your decision-making process, reducing the time it takes to transform raw data into valuable action. In essence, Learnings allows you to learn faster and smarter, amplifying the impact of each insight on your product discovery process.

A New Rating Range Question Format

It's no secret that survey fatigue can lead to less-than-insightful responses. That's why we've introduced the Rating Range, an engaging new survey format inspired by Instagram stories. It replaces conventional radio buttons and checkboxes with a sliding scale, making the survey process interactive and enjoyable for the respondents.

The advantage is twofold: not only does this playful method provide a pleasant experience for users, but it also increases your response rate. More responses mean a broader, richer set of data to inform your decisions, increasing the depth and reliability of your product discovery insights.

Flexible User Roles

As teams grow and tasks become more specialized, it's crucial to have a system that can adapt to these changes. Enter our three new user roles – Admin, Editors, and Analytics. Each role comes with distinct capabilities and permissions, allowing you to customize access based on your team's needs.

The new user roles allow more team members to get involved in the product discovery process without compromising the integrity of your configuration. It means you can foster a more collaborative environment while maintaining control and security, bringing the best of both worlds.

Simplified Signup and Onboarding

We understand that getting started with a new tool should be as smooth as possible. That’s why we’ve optimized our signup and onboarding flow, making it intuitive and straightforward. The new design shortens the learning curve and helps new users quickly grasp the core functionalities of Screeb.

The enhanced onboarding process means less time learning the ropes and more time reaping the benefits of Screeb. New users can get up to speed quickly, focusing their energy on conducting effective product discovery rather than navigating through a complicated setup.

Clear and Easy Billing

No one likes to navigate a labyrinth of billing details, which is why we've revamped our billing section to offer a clear, easy-to-understand view of your Monthly Tracked Users, subscriptions, and addons. The updated layout and functionality mean you can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on your product discovery journey.

When you choose Screeb, you're opting for an experience marked by clarity, efficiency, and control. We're committed to making your product discovery process as seamless and productive as possible, and these new features are our latest steps in fulfilling that commitment.

If you're considering Screeb for your product discovery needs, we invite you to book a meeting with one of our Product Discovery Experts. They would be delighted to discuss how these features and more can bring unprecedented power to your product discovery process.

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