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Product-Led Growth onboarding: Revolutionizing it for Over 20x Conversion Surge in B2B SaaS

Product-Led Growth, discover Screeb’s journey of transforming its B2B SaaS onboarding using a product-led growth approach, resulting in significant performance improvements and exceptional user experience.

Screeb story
Simon Robic
Product-Led Growth onboarding: Revolutionizing it for Over 20x Conversion Surge in B2B SaaS

In the dynamic world of SaaS, one strategy has risen to the forefront: product-led growth, a philosophy focusing on product usage as the main driver of user acquisition, conversion, and expansion. Today, we take you on a deep dive into Screeb’s product-led growth strategy to overhaul its B2B SaaS onboarding flow, ultimately witnessing a significant leap in user experience and performance metrics.

Identifying the Need for Change

Following the launch of Screeb’s self-service features in Q2 2022, we broadened our horizons, focusing on developing additional features and growing our team. At that time, continuing to build our platform and deliver value to our current users was more a priority than acquiring new users and optimizing their onboarding. However, after our Seed Round and the onboarding of new team members, we had everything we needed to start accelerating and our product could be of a great help. A careful observation and insightful feedback from our new recruits signaled that our B2B SaaS onboarding flow could be optimized for better user experience and performance.

Determined to improve, we conducted a rigorous analysis of user journeys and performance metrics. We spent a lot of time in Amplitude and in Screeb to understand what was working well and what should be improved. We dissected signup funnels, studied user behavior post-signup, examined retention data, and scrutinized user feedback. What we uncovered was eye-opening. Many users were dropping off before they could perceive the true value of our product, indicating a clear need to reduce time to value.

Excerpt from internal analysis document

Product led onboarding

In our quest to refine our onboarding strategy, we recognized the critical need for rapid value delivery to our users. To achieve this, we embarked on a comprehensive effort to overhaul our entire onboarding flow, ensuring that every step of the user's journey was meticulously planned and executed. This not only helped us identify and address potential bottlenecks but also transformed the board into a creative hub. Here, we drew inspiration from top-tier B2B SaaS models and the invaluable guidance provided by the distinguished Growth Design team. The result was the creation of innovative screens and functionalities, all designed to streamline the user experience and facilitate a smoother transition into our product ecosystem.

Product led growth onboarding

Recognizing the importance of swift time to value, we embarked on an ambitious project to overhaul our entire onboarding flow. Embodying the principles of product-led growth, we prioritized user needs and experience above all else.

We utilized a Miro board for journey mapping, allowing us to visualize each step of the new process, identify potential bottlenecks, and brainstorm solutions. Additionally, this board became our creative hub, filled with inspirations from other B2B SaaS solutions and invaluable online resources, especially from the great team at Growth Design. This visualization not only aided us in designing the new screens and features but also served as a blueprint for developers during the implementation phase.

Our Miro board for this project with steps, ideas and inspiration
The corresponding Figma of our new onboarding screens

From the Miro board, we made the screens in Figma and created a prototype to do some user tests. We used Screeb to recruit some participants and also had conversations with people not using Screeb (yet) to test this new approach as well on people who didn't know our product and our value proposition. Since the ultimate goal was to reduce the time to value, we needed to talk to people who didn't know our value yet to see if they were getting it as soon as possible.

Our Results

Pre-revamp, our conversion rate was a mere 2.73% for users installing the SDK during onboarding. It took users an average of over 22 minutes to complete the process, creating a significant barrier to experiencing the full value of Screeb.

Our product-led growth strategy catalyzed an impressive transformation. Post-revamp, our conversion rate soared to an impressive 60%, demonstrating a remarkable improvement on 20x on the performance of this funnel. We also saw a steep increase in survey creation after signup, rising to 43%, and the time it took users to create a survey diminished drastically, to less than 2 minutes on average after account creation.

On the qualitative side, we also improved our "low effort" score after onboarding, proving that the experience is way better for people signing up to Screeb.

This metamorphosis wasn't purely coincidental. It was the result of a systematic and data-driven approach central to product-led growth. We tailored our onboarding process based on real data and user feedback, leading to a more intuitive and efficient onboarding experience that better catered to user needs.

The Road Ahead to Continue Optimizing our Onboarding

At Screeb, our journey towards perfecting user experience doesn't halt. Our roadmap for the future includes optimizing our B2B SaaS onboarding process further. As you can see in the screenshot above, most of the people dropping are leaving Screeb at the goal selection step. We have a lot of room for improvement here. 

We also plan to enhance in-app messages, refine product tours, and improve our email sequences based on the new data collected during the onboarding process. This should help us to increase survey creation and other key feature adoption even more.

We aim to personalize the onboarding experience, aligning our content and guided tours with the user's specific goals. The end goal is simple: reduce time to value as much as possible and create a tailor-made journey that resonates with each user.


Screeb's transformation is a testament to the power of product-led growth. Through a user-centric and data-driven approach, we revamped our B2B SaaS onboarding flow, delivering a significant uplift across all key performance indicators. We hope our journey inspires you to leverage the potential of product-led growth to transform your B2B SaaS onboarding process and drive superior results.

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