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Webhook Integration for Screeb In-App Surveys

Use webhooks to integrate Screeb with your favorite platforms even when we don't have a native integration!

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Raphael Alapini

Share your User Research to your Whole Stack.

By using webhooks, you'll be able to share any data you collect with Screeb to other solutions you're using, without using complex APIs or other technical requirements.

Webhook app

Thousands of apps support Webhooks and so are compatible with Screeb. Here are some of the most popular:

Slack app webhook

Push responses right in Slack rooms to share insights with your team and your whole company.


Automate workflows and connect your Screeb responses to other apps in your stack.


Connect apps and move data from Screeb to any other platform in your stack without coding.

Here is the complete guide to setup your Screeb webhooks.

Amplitude webhook

Amplitude's Webhook integration enables you to forward your Amplitude events and users to custom webhooks. This is a light-weight way to set a stream of event and user data out of Amplitude, to a URL of your choosing to enable any of your use cases.

Try Screeb to lauch your Product Discovery

Nothing is more important than your users. Yet, other product analytics solutions are focusing on features, not on people. With Screeb, understand your users with data and product analytics actually focusing on them.

Leverage Screeb to track funnel performance, analyze user behavior, and ask targeted questions based on their actions.

Overview of your Product Activity

Without complex dashboard setup, see who's using your product, what they do and what you should focus on.

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