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Meet Screeb: the
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Every businesses are becoming Internet businesses.

In 2021, companies spent $140B in SaaS subscriptions. That's 5 times more than 6 years ago. Last year, mobile apps were downloaded 230B times on app stores and that number is growing 10% every year.


To succeed in this growing battlefield requires to understand how to make a product that customers want and to ensure that you are improving it over time. Your goal is to create value for your customers in a way that also creates value for your company.


As Teresa Torres reminds us in Continuous Discovery Habits, for many years, traditional discovery was not done by the product team. In the early days of software, business leaders owned discovery & research and so they decided what to build. Projects with fixed timelines were assigned once a year to engineering teams. In 2001, a group of engineers came up with the Agile manifesto and a number of principles to change that organisation. Projects were too big, teams spent too much time building the wrong stuff before they learn that customer didn’t want it. But even then, leaders struggled to give up ownership of discovery and even with shorter cycles and more customer feedback, business stakeholders still clung to their original ideas and, finally, teams continued to be measured by what they delivered, not whether anyone used it or if it created any value for the customer or the business.


More instrumentation, however, did make companies aware of this problem. They could now measure when they released a feature that nobody used and so they started to question how decisions about what to build were made.


Now, rather than thinking about discovery & research only as something we do at the beginning of a project, teams want to infuse discovery continuously throughout the development process.

Teams want to ensure they’re always able to get faster answers to their questions, and that they are building something customers want and will enjoy. They want to put their research in service of pursuing a desired business outcome while meeting customer’s needs.

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Yet, current research solutions are not helping.

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Product Analytics are focused on features, but not on people & users. Those tools never explain why people behave like this and what you should do next.

Online Surveys have an average response rate too low for the data to be relevant and for teams to rely on them in their decision making process. The average response rate is around 12%, and even lower (4%) when you target millennials.

User Testing solutions are made to test designs and sketches, but not to measure how people feel about your current product. And most of the time, recruiting participants is not made with product data.

User Interviews are really important but really time consuming to set up, conduct and analyze.

So the need for a better User Research solution is felt in every product team.


A solution that would provide User Analytics with Powerful Automatic Segmentation based on any combination of user behaviour and business data.

A solution that would provide Qualitative Responses to daily questions you haven with a higher response rate, a seamless in-app experience and the ability to measure the success of failure of your projects in a blink.

A solution made for Web AND Mobile, as our digital lives are now spent on our smartphones.

A solution that would be easy to deploy and integrated with your daily product stack like Segment, Slack, Productboard or Notion.


Meet Screeb: the Product-Led User Research Platform.

Infuse your daily decisions with real-time user inputs.


Get faster answers to your daily questions.


Put your research in service of your business outcomes & your customers' needs

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Real-time User Analytics


Create list of users to interview based on product data


Segment your users to ask them targeted in-app questions

A Breakthrough Feedback Experience


Mobile-First to Target Billions of Mobile Users


40-60% Response Rate in Average!




During the past 10 years, most Product Tools have been redefined.

We are reinventing User Research.


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